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April 21, 2018, 12:19:27 am, America/Chicago

Learning All About Satellite Phones

A satellite phone is quite like a conventional mobile phone for the exception that it can be used almost anywhere. Satellite phones are generally more expensive than cell phones but they provide an important that can allow you to place important telephone calls anywhere at any given time without having to deal with a local telephone service.

The phone works by connecting to a satellite that is orbiting to gain a communication service. A regular cell phone can only connect to a local land based tower. There are ways that a cell phone can connect to a satellite to achieve a greater span of communication but they do not directly dial the satellite like satellite phones do.

These types of phones may use an orbiting network of other satellites that are in a geosynchronous orbit. This allows the network to achieve global coverage with only 3 or 4 satellites. There are companies who specialize in dealing through these networks.

Some of these companies may use fewer satellites than the others sometimes so that they can achieve a strictly regional coverage rather than a national one. The other way companies use them is by placing the satellites at a low Earth orbit which will requires more satellites to get global coverage but they can a lot smaller than others which can reduce their launch costs.

There are many examples today of companies that may use the low orbit method today as a means of communication. The microwave transceivers that come with these types of phones are known for their poor services indoors and when compared to cell phones in this situation they are worse.

The phones that also use the geosynchronous satellites have a very noticeable lag time because of many satellites being thousands of miles away in space. This means that each signal must travel up to 44,000 miles from one phone to the other.

These can also be pretty pricey when compared to cell phones and those that have a headset to go along with it will be paying even more when compared to the standard cell phone counterpart. If you want to place a call to one of these phones this will also be quite expensive as well although the person who owns the satellite phone will not be charged.

Even with this though, if you still want to have a reliable means of communication in different and remote areas and bypass government interference this is your best option. Even though this may seem like brand new technology to some people, the actual first network company began as an International Mobile satellite Organization in the year of 1979.

This organization was started by the UN. It was created to provide communications for the maritime community. It was known as a different name from the time it was created and thus became a private for profit managed company in 1999. Another thing you must known when you are using a satellite phone is that they are usually assigned their own country code which is usually in the higher eight hundred number range.

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